Her Fog And Her Pearls

'Her fog and her pearls' is a quote form the Bob Dylan’s song “Just like a woman”, written for Edie Sedgwick ­ Andy Warhol’s muse, superstar, fashion icon, woman; who constructed an identity that was almost fictional in its extremity. She was one of the symbols of the hedonistic life style of the 60’s, hiding her scandalous, fragile and aching soul under the crop of dyed blonde hair, kohl­rimmed eyes and a glamours look.
The video is constructed from a screen test of Edie shot by Warhol and excerpts from her last movie, “Ciao Manhattan” .

Voice­ - A.Koziel
Piano­ - R.Santana
Soprano saxophone - Claudio Jr De Rosa
Bass -­ G.Bermudez
Drums - ­ P.Pokratnieks
Video and electronics ­ - J.Siksnelyte